Effective mining starts with accurate drilling. That means drilling every hole precisely to plan, at the proper angle and the correct depth. Cat Terrain for Drilling from Intermountain Mining Technology provides precision guidance that helps operators complete patterns accurately and productively. It pays other dividends as well, by improving safety, reducing costs, and recording data about drilled stratification to aid in planning blasts.




  • High-Precision Guidance increases hole placement and angle accuracy.
  • Collar-Height Adjustment stops over- and under-drilling on uneven ground.
  • Digital Drill Plans improve efficiency and eliminate the need to survey and mark hole locations.
  • Strata Recognition provides stratification information during drilling to optimize patterns and calculate the blast-ability index.
  • 3D Avoidance Zones keep machines out of restricted areas and away from hazards.
  • Hole Profile provides information on performance by machine, by shift and by operator.
  • Scalable Solution available for any size drill, blast-hole or articulated.


  • MAXIMIZE blasting efficiency by executing patterns more accurately.
  • CONTROL costs by achieving proper fragmentation with less explosive material.
  • ALERT operators to existing bootlegs and pipe-in-hole propel engagement.
  • MONITOR operator efficiency and machine utilization for optimized production.
  • SHARE data with other drills on the location depth and current status of each hole.
  • TRACK drill consumables for economical, planned replacement based on actual usage.
  • REDUCE wasted motion and improve production efficiency.
  • ENHANCE safety by enabling avoidance zones in hazardous areas.
  • COMMUNICATE seamlessly with Cat MineStar™ and other mine management systems.

If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our Intermountain mining specialists.