Intermountain Mining Technology offers the full suite of Cat® MineStar products, including Fleet Mining Technology. By integrating Fleet Mining Technology into your equipment, you’ll receive comprehensive data that reveals a big-picture view of your mining operation with the ability to drill down into details about specific sites, fleets, even individual machines and operators. Plus, Cat Fleet works with any brand of equipment and lets you share data across your existing machines and mine management systems.

The data provided by Fleet Mining Technology also offers the capability to run decision-making scenarios that help determine the impact of operational changes prior to implementing them. That makes it easy for you to keep your operation running safely and at peak performance, with real-time control. Because Fleet works with data from all types of assets and manufacturers of equipment—including off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, motor graders, wheel dozers, shovels, light-duty vehicles, and other types of auxiliary equipment—you can reduce costs per ton, enhance productivity, and boost overall site profitability.

How can you monitor your entire mining operation with Fleet Mining Technology from Intermountain Mining Technology? By measuring, managing, and maximizing your mine site at every opportunity.


  • VIEW your entire operation at a glance on your computer.
  • COLLECT real-time data on cycle times, payloads, and other key performance indicators.
  • GENERATE targeted reports that make key information easy to understand.
  • TRACK every machine and instantly see what jobs they are doing and who is operating them.
  • MONITOR machine speeds, operator performance, fault code alerts, and more.


  • GAIN insights into key cost drivers – fuel, tires, service parts, idle time, etc.
  • RESCHEDULE and reassign equipment quickly as operational requirements change.
  • MINIMIZE truck wait times at loading tools and fuel stops.
    FOLLOW all machine and material movement across your site.
    PREVENT misroutes and ensure that operators and managers know where every load is headed.


  • IMPROVE haul fleet production and shovel utilization.
  • OPTIMIZE every piece of equipment in your fleet, regardless of manufacturer.
  • ENABLE autonomous haulage and other automated mining systems.
  • AUTOMATE fuel scheduling and shift changes for optimum load counts per shift.
  • ANALYZE “what if” scenarios to choose the best course of action when equipment availability changes.

Fleet Mining Technology from Intermountain Mining Technology is a simple solution for collecting the data needed to comprehensively manage your equipment operations, across one mine site or multiple sites. If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our Intermountain mining specialists.