Fatigue and distraction are common causes of safety incidents in our industry. Building layers of protection around your employees through a comprehensive fatigue risk management system allows you to see, mitigate, and manage fatigue and distraction to improve operations.

Intermountain Mining Technology can assist you in conducting a formal Fatigue Risk Management Assessment (FRMA) to pinpoint all of the areas you can make valuable improvements, as well as a long-term plan for fatigue and distraction risk management.

One popular solution for heavy equipment is the Driver Safety System (DSS), which has been proven to reduce incidents resulting from fatigue by an average of 80%. The Driver Safety System is designed to provide real-time, in-cabin alerts for all fatigue and distraction events. These alerts are monitored 24 hours a day and can be relayed back to the on-site location of your choice.

The Driver Safety System (DSS) continuously measures operator eye and eyelid behavior to determine the onset of fatigue and micro sleeps and delivers real-time detection and alerts, yet the operator is not required to wear any special equipment. Operator eye and eyelid behavior data is recorded and available for trending and analysis. Additionally, automatic initialization and calibration of the dash-mounted camera requires no input from the operator. As a result, the system is transparent to the operator.

As partners in this field, Caterpillar Global Mining, Cat Safety Services, and Intermountain Mining Technology are able to install Driver Safety Systems (DSS) in virtually any model of heavy equipment.

Installed on thousands of units worldwide, a number of mine and construction sites in the area are already using this safety-enhancing technology. If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our Intermountain mining specialists.

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