Cat Command LogoConsistently accurate drilling pays off in better blasting, more productive loading and hauling, and more efficient final processing. Cat® Command for Drilling from Intermountain Mining Technology ensures that every hole is accurately placed, drilled to the proper depth and angle, and able to stand up until blasting. A range of capabilities let you configure and automate the drilling system to your budget and the needs of your site.



  • Cat Terrain for Drilling – A requirement for Cat Command for Drilling, Cat Terrain for Drilling uses state-of-the-art guidance technologies to help operators drill holes in the exact location and to the exact depth specified by the plan. This results in smoother, safer, and more efficient blasting.
  • Semi-autonomous single row drilling – Automates the entire drilling cycle for one row, including autonomous tramming. Flexible and simple, this system makes drilling automation easy to implement and more accessible for all kinds of operations.
  • Autonomous pattern drilling – Automates drill cycles and tramming for the entire blast pattern. Enables one operator to manage drill operations across the mine site, working from a remote operator station located on-site or at an off-site command center.


  • ENHANCE fragmentation consistency by precisely executing drill patterns.
  • IMPROVE operator comfort, employee retention, and operator recruitment.
  • SIMPLIFY training to make new operators productive in a quicker timeframe.
  • IMPROVE equipment utilization, productivity, and operator effectiveness.
  • ADJUST collar elevations on uneven ground to ensure consistent toe elevations.
  • REDUCE hole-to-hole tramming time.
  • MINIMIZE drill wear and tear by maintaining specified operating parameters.
  • ENABLE consistent drilling from operator to operator on any terrain.

If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our Intermountain mining specialists.

Cat Command for Drilling