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When you know what’s going on inside your equipment, you’re one step ahead in the cost-control battle. Cat Health from Intermountain Mining Technology keeps you connected, so you’ll always know what’s happening with your fleet. It works with multiple brands of equipment—monitoring critical parameters, analyzing trends and providing real-time alerts when issues arise. Cat Health Mining Technology gives you the inside information you need to run machines as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.


  • REAL-TIME EQUIPMENT ALERTS – Service personnel get instant alerts when problems arise, so you can take immediate action to head off major failures.
  • COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH MONITORING – Cat Health tracks and records a wide range of machine parameters, records incidents for analysis and builds a database for ongoing fleet health analysis.
  • MAINTENANCE & SERVICE MANAGEMENT – Customizable reports help managers track what service is due on their fleet, schedule repairs and monitor post-repair performance.
  • PROACTIVE EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT – Recommendations for work based on predictive analytics allow maintenance procedures to be planned, scheduled and performed on time, reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.
  • GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE SHARE – Cat Health leverages the power of lessons learned on fleets all around the world by combining Caterpillar and Intermountain Mining Technology employee expertise with field tested best practices and fleet performance data.
  • VALUE TRACKING – Quantify the value of repair-before-failure strategy in terms of cost and risk avoidance associated with major failures and unplanned downtime.


  • IDENTIFY potential problems with your equipment and site conditions.
  • PREVENT major component failures, lowering total owning and operating costs.
  • REDUCE unscheduled downtime and overall maintenance time.
  • CONTROL costs by detecting problems early.
  • STREAMLINE service scheduling for minimum production disruption.

If you’d like a tour of a customer site or a demonstration of the technology above, please contact us to set up a time with one of our Intermountain mining specialists.

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